Financial Services


Our experienced team of accountants are specialized in handling supplier invoices, bank accounts, credit cards and ship’s cash.
Realistic budgets are set and agreed so that cash flow can be continually monitored.
Our fully audited, secure systems also provide monthly accounting returns to compare actual spend to budget, ensuring the vessel is managed effectively with full transparency and accountability.

  • Input on annual budgets and financial planning
  • Monthly fund requests based on known and expected expenditure
  • Generating receipts for funds and disbursements of all goods and services
  • Checking invoices and generating receipts prior to payment with captains permission
  • Processing wire transfers or cheques for payment of invoices
  • Cash to Master provisioning
  • Weekly, Monthly and Annual Reporting
  • Purchase order, Invoice Verification and Payment
  • Foreign Exchange Management

Technical Management and Services

We provide a discreet, friendly and personalised yacht service which covers all issues connected to the day to day operational requirements of the Owner, Captain and Crew.

Operation and Logistics

Our operational support services can help to keep the vessel running smoothly, safe in the knowledge that they have a team ashore ready to provide support as and when required.

Interactive Storage

Shore Marine provides all its customers with moving carts to help load and unload their storage unit. This can be useful if you need to load and unload items from your boat.